1. Useful information. I have been investing in stocks for sixty-five years now, had visualised doing this from my college days in the late 1940s. An assortment of shares, mostly bought on maiden issues e.g. HUL, Cogate, Cummins, Castrol, Sundaram Finance, Asian Paints, Berger, ITC etc. have grown to an immense size, the returns take good care of my family needs. All it needs is concentration, discipline, patience and understanding how to evaluate a stock for intrinsic worth and, invest only surplus funds.

  2. Expecting returns for the investment made new investors are entering to market. This is the reason for hike

  3. MRF is not the most expensive stock in NSE/BSE. It is, of course, the stock with highest value, but not most expensive.

    • Thank You Mr Venu Pattani for pointing this out. MRF is the most valuable stock in terms of the quoted price.


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