Reach your goals faster with top-up SIP 

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Almost everything comes with a top-up these days. If you look into your data plan, there is a top-up facility. Perhaps you have a home loan. You can now avail of a top-up option and get more funds. Similarly, insurance policies too offer top-up plans. But did you know you can also boost your mutual fund SIP? Let’s find out.

What is a top-up SIP?

A top-up SIP enables you to increase the mutual fund investment amount that you contribute each month to the fund. It is a flexible option and depends on a specific percentage of your choice or even a specific amount of the original SIP.

Typically, when you invest a certain amount of money every month through a long-term SIP, you benefit from the potential of accumulating wealth over the long run. When you top up your SIP, you choose to increase the amount of your SIP instalment to attempt at achieving your financial goals faster. Let’s understand this with an example.

Let’s say you began a monthly SIP of ₹20,000 for 20 years with an assumed 11% return rate over the timeframe. 

This SIP amount has the potential of building a corpus of approximately ₹1.75 crores on the assumed interest rate of 11% against your investment of ₹48 lakhs.

With a rise in your income, you now decide to top up your monthly SIP amount by 10%. 

This decision can help you create a corpus of approximately ₹2.82 crores on your investment of ₹93.60 lakhs. So, this means that increasing or topping up your monthly SIP by just 10% every year can give you the potential of an additional ₹1 crore corpus.

The differences between top-up SIP and regular SIP

Let’s look at how a regular SIP is different from a SIP plan with a top-up facility. In the table below, you would see that the potential of accruing a more considerable sum with a top-up SIP is much higher than a regular SIP in the same timeframe.

How top-up sip can work for you

Increased income, higher SIP amount. How much you invest depends on your income. Perhaps at the start of your career, your SIP investments may have been much smaller. But an increment, either through an annual bonus or a raise, can enable you to use the  extra money as a top-up to your existing SIP. A top-up SIP maintains a consolidated investment. It provides you with the option of enhancing the SIP amount slowly to accumulate wealth faster.

Speeds your financial objectives. A slight increase in your SIP investments, no matter how small, can be   beneficial. If you’re looking to reach your goals faster, increasing your investments or topping up your existing SIP plan can be an ideal option.

Helps beat inflation. When it comes to your       investments, inflation can be a monster. That’s  because, with every passing year, the inflation rate   continues to rise and consistently erodes the worth of your money. Therefore, to stay in line with inflation, you may want to contribute a higher amount to your  investment plan for the long run. In that regard, a top-up SIP can be an excellent option to keep up with inflation. With a periodic and regular increase in your investment amount, you may be able to keep up with the cost of living in the future.

It’s simple and effortless. Beginning a SIP for every goal can be tiresome, especially if you have to track, monitor and manage several SIPs. Perhaps you may not have the time to study a new investment  opportunity. Therefore, topping up the SIP to your    existing SIP can be a suitable option.

What you need to know before topping up your SIP

· When enrolling for the SIP facility, remember to opt for the top-up option.

· Almost every AMC permits a minimum top-up amount of ₹500 and in multiples of ₹500. Some AMCs also allows you to increase a defined percentage every year.

· Having enrolled for a top-up SIP, you may be unable to modify the details. If you wish to make any revisions, you must discontinue the existing SIP and begin a new SIP with a top-up option.

· Generally, every SIP offers a top-up option.

· When availing of the top-up option in the SIP, you do not need to fill up individual ECS debit mandates.

Most investors think that creating wealth requires a considerable amount of money. But with an SIP investment, you have the opportunity of growing your money over time. Additionally, with the top up SIP, even a little extra can make a significant difference in your wealth accumulation plans and enable you to reach your goals faster.


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